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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sera's Compact Diary of Being a New Model

Sera, Ready To Take On The Modeling World?

The first real exposure I had to the modeling world, besides buying clothing, was through Flickr. I have an account and run a group (shameless plug) Holy Schnikes!-SL, in which I began seeing a large amount of amazing fashion photography submitted. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the lines, models, styling, and quality of craftsmanship from the photographers. I knew then and there, someday, I would be a part of it. In some form I was going to make my way to touch upon it, jump into the river and become a part of it's creative flow. Even if a sinking pebble, better than never having jumped at all, and miss all of that energy and life.

That is what draws me to the fashion industry here in SL, as in FL, it takes so many elements of the creative arts and puts them into a package, especially fashion shows. Going to a fashion show in SL is like going to the theatre. Even when the show is minimalist and clean, the drama and power of the designs in their right setting is breathtaking, and when elaborate and grand it is near overwhelming in a completely different way. That is the beauty of SL Fashion shows to me, the manipulation of the audience through highlighting the designs with just the right styling and ambiance.

Before I went to my first fashion show it took me awhile to even open up an issue of the magazines I had picked up at the kiosks such as; BOSL, Avenue, VAIN, etc. Once I finally sat down and looked through my first one I was in shock and began to devour them in droves. The models, the gorgeous photographs by those I was well familiar with from Flickr and then those who I did not know, and was excited to learn about, the interesting articles and even more exciting interviews that truly made me feel more connected to something tangible in SL. Something more real than just shopping and Role Playing. Yes folks, I RP. No folks, I do not play a sparkly vampire. *grins* But you might not want to meet her out in the street. Now my mermaid however.....*goes off babbling about all the different ways to turn couture dresses into fins and flippers*

Political Efficiency Accord

MISS Virtual World 2011 Viewing Locations

Invite Model: Miaa Rebane; Photographer: Lybra Rage

                  WATCHING MISS VIRTUAL WORLD 2011


In order to watch Miss Virtual World 2011 on the televisions inworld, you will need A television from Bosl or Metaverse TV and one of the following viewers:

1. Second Life Viewer 2.

2. Kirstens Viewer.

3. Snowglobe vers 2.0 only.
( Discontinued but should work if you have it already)


1. Rez the TV

2. Click SCREEN

3. The programme will load automatically. Give it a second.

4. If you wish to have it fill your screen, there is a zoom button to the right of the address bar which appears when you move your cursor.

5. Turn up your sound..


1. You DO NOT need to deed the television.

2. If you want to type comments in live chat, go to

where you can join in the live chat at the side of the picture there.

3. If you have friends who are not in Second Life but who want to watch the Miss Virtual World 2011,  you can pass the above link to them and they will also be able to watch on their computers.

4. It is recommended that you watch this Torley video before you use Viewer 2 for the first time just to save yourself earache.

5. Have a look at this video which simply shows you what will happen when you have the television in front of you.

6. Here is a wiki address which explains buttons on the television bar.

7. If  you need further help or information, contact Dousa Dragonash at Metaverse Television by notecard.

8. Finally, Have a fabulous time at your Miss Virtual World 2011 Party!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

AVENUE Magazine December 2010

The holiday season is in full swing with a special interview from newlywed designer Dashwood Muircastle, how did this Parson School of Design graduate get started in Second Life? Read more fashion interviews with Strawberry Singh and kiunosuke Eel, festive fashion spreads from Nicky Ree, GiZZa and Addixion, we welcome Homme stylist Lulu Jameson and take a wintery trip around Maki Island, non-profit Great Strides, Primtings and see who's lurking in the shadows with this months Inspirations.

Photo – Miaa Rebane
Model – Valaria Pienaar
Dress – House of Dashwood

" MISS- S H Y M S - Queen 2011 "

                 ║♛ -   ----------                 "   MISS- S H Y M S -  Queen 2011    "      -----------♛ ║

Three Queen will be chosen each month from January to April
a selection of 12 for our final Miss  SHYMS Queen 2011  in May 2011                  

What do you need to do to join ?
Step 1.    Make purchases of : SHYMS

ATTENTION - any items created by Shym Mosely (Obligatory Dress & Jewellery By  - S H Y M S  -)  .

Step 2.    Requirement of the pictures:

-- Take two pictures (Head shot and full body shot, 1024x 1024) with full perm
-- Put the full perm pictures into a folder. Rename the folder as " SHYMS Queen+ MONTH + your full name."  There is no need to put any words in the pictures , thank you .

-- Rename the folder as “SHYMS Queen + Month + your full name”
(Your entry will be ignored if you send us a notecard instead of a folder.)
The pictures to present the outfit and yourself as a queen. Touch-up with Photoshop is acceptable.
Send the pictures to Shym Mosely  on or before 12th (midnight) of each month.

-- if you want to participate join the group is required
Announcement of the in will be made thru group notice and our Flikr.
Therefore it is important if you stay in the group for updates & Infos.

GROUP JOIN : secondlife:///app/group/449558aa-53ef-65dd-0140-5645d66da457/about

if you are not in 3 Queen exemple for January ,  try again! we have 3 months to choose our 12 finalist ;)
Be careful not to use the same dresses or even photo ! Thank you .

We choose Queen 3 per month This will do for the month of May, 12 finalists for the final
the 3 month's winner will receive a gift card for 3000 L $ in the shop
and of course the possibility to win in May  " MISS -  S H Y M S -  Queen 2011 "
and win the $ L $ 100,000 and the title of MISS SHYMS 2011
She'll also have a presentation page and in the congratulation on AVENUE magazine & BOSL

The contest starts at :
January 1 to January 12        ( 3♛ Queen chosen )
February 1 to February 12    ( 3♛ Queen chosen )
March 1 to March 12            ( 3♛ Queen chosen )
April 1 to April  12               ( 3♛ Queen chosen )

12 Finalist !

Others Infos Send your Notecard To :
Shym Mosely

Taxi To The Store:

Miss Virtual World 2011

December 18th is the Miss Virtual World 2011 Pageant! If you would like to see this awesome show, you must watch through Metaverse TV, or there are many places in SL where you can view the show! ENJOY!!
Here is the official list of candidates: 
   Calista Ella - MISS ARGENTINA 
    Jennaa Loire - MISS AUSTRALIA 
     Roe Woodford - MISS BAHAMAS 
    Shae Sixpence -  MISS BRAZIL 
   Keira Soulstar - MISS CANADA 
 Blossoms Sweetwater - MISS CHINA 
     Reign Congrejo  - MISS COSTA RICA 
  Louise McWinnie - MISS CZEC REPUBLIC 
     Luralie Bailey - MISS EGYPT 
  Fauve Beaumont - MISS FRANCE 
  Leandra Breen - MISS GERMANY 
  Serene Faith - MISS HONG KONG 
  Carilynn OHare - MISS IRELAND 
  Angels Milena - MISS ITALY 
  rakusu Aabye - MISS JAPAN 
  Syra Hyun -  MISS MEXICO 
  Glitter Bolissima - MISS PERU  
  Tania Tebaldi - MISS RUSSIA 
  ruby Okelly - MISS SINGAPORE 
  Darling Tomorrow - MISS SPAIN 
  Cieleste Magic - MISS TAIWAN 
 blackLiquid Tokyoska - MISS THAILAND 
  Ranini Farella - MISS TURKEY 
  Emeraldeyes Honi - MISS UNITED KINGDOM
  Veronica Krasner - MISS URUGUAY 
  Katherine Comet - MISS USA 

Good luck ladies!!! :)

Costa Rica Sims Weekend Events

Costa Rica Sims Executive Team 3rd Annual Winter Ball
WHEN: Friday December 17 , 2010
WHERE:  Costa Rica Sims Opera House
PERFORMER:  Live Performance by Dexter lhnen
ATTIRE: Formal
TIME:  5pm- 7pm slt
Join us as we pay tribute to our residents for making the Costa Rica Sims, the most beautiful estate in second life.
 Where the Most Beautiful & Powerful Women in SL Live COSTA RICA SIMS
 Costa Rica Sims will have special viewing of Miss Virtual World 2011 Pageant via Metaverse TV.
On Saturday, Dec 18, 2010 , 10AM SLT at Costa Rica Sims Opera House
Costa Rica Sims would like to wish the best and all the luck to the beautiful residents competing in theMiss Virtual World 2011 Pageant. 
Costa Rica Sims Presents 1st Annual Cookie Bear Extravaganza
WHEN: Sunday December 19th, 2010
WHERE:  Costa Rica Sims Snow Globe
PERFORMER:  Live Performance by Ceci Dover
ATTIRE: Festive Wear
TIME:  12pm slt – 1:30pm slt
Christmas would not be complete without a few of the famous “Sway Cookie Bears” tucked away in our stockings.
•*Sway’s* location at Costa Rica Sims:

Agnes Finney “My Precious Queen Contest Final 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

Semi Finals 10.Dec. 2010 Angel of Angel Dessous

Semi Finals 10.Dec. 2010 Angel of Angel Dessous
Semifinalists for Angel Dessous “Angel of the Year” Contest
2 of these Ladys will be the Angel of the Year 2011 and win:
*** 25.000 money prize each***
*** A Tiar of Virtual Impressions ***
*** Priviledged for Ad Shootings during 2011 ***
*** Winner pics in SCRUPLZ and BeStyle Magazine ***
*** A set of the famous Manifeste Poses ***
*** A model contract with BeStyle Agency ***
Our Sponsors are:
# Tukinowaguma Hair Style, represented by KateForster Akina and AlexWyler Yoshikawa
# Stiletto Moody, represented by Dancer Dallagio
# Manifeste Poses by July Raymaker
# [White-Widow] by Julie Hastings
# SCRUPLZ Magazine
# Virtual Impressions by Chrissy Ambrose
# BeStyle Magazine and Agency by Agtaope Carter
Roe Woodford
Linnda Scofield
Puhi Rotaru
Caoimhe Lionheart
Pure Nicolaidis
Arkaine Cazalet
Melanie Sautereau
Draakje Daily
Jade Spectre
13 Cortes
Nala Kurka
Arkaine Cazalet
Lisiel Andel
Aleida Rhode
Darling Tomorrow
Rissa Friller
Egra Benelli
Ananaya Mai
Sabine Mortenwold
Diconay Boa
Federica Galtier
Lile Bikcin
Annalise Cyberstar
6 Semifinalists for Lingerie and 6 for casual/formal will go to our finals on 22th December.
Best of luck to all! 

☆ Dates For SL Model Case ☆