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Thursday, March 25, 2010

CHANTKARE Spring Preview Video 2010 & Show Information.

AVENUE Models proudly presents the sneak preview of the CHANTKARE inMOTHion collection in this one of a kind fashion experience. You’ve seen it on YouTube and Flickr, now is your chance to see it live before Monday’s release.

Be there!
Sunday, 28 March – 1PM SLT
See you there.

Bliss Couture Grand Opening & Two Year Anniversary Shows Press Release.

(Photo take from: Melanie Sautereau's photostream - *click here* )

Bliss Couture's nearly 19000 members (13000 subs o match and almost 6000 in world) have made Bliss the success it is today.  In honor of all those that have and continue to support us we extend the following invitation.

Please join us to Celebrate our  "Two Years of Bliss"  Anniversary at the beautiful new Bliss Couture Sim and Shop.  The classic look everyone expects of Bliss Couture has been taken to a new contemporary level on this magnificent new sim .

Our grand opening will  include two fashion shows: Saturday 27th March at 5PM SLT and Sunday 28th March at Noon.

The first show will feature our exquisite Formal Gowns including new releases (27th March at 5PM) and we are  delighted to share an entirely new Bridal Collection for all to see at the Fashion Show scheduled 28th March at  Noon.

A special treat as guests are welcomed to the new main will be the Fantastic music and vocals of Carmen Roeth 27th March at 2PM and Skye Galaxy on 28th March at 4PM.  Both are well known music talents in Second Life.

Amutey DeCuir CEO and Designer for Bliss Couture is also offering a free gift to all our guests and a special gift to all Bliss Couture Dolls.

We look forward to seeing all our friends and clients that have become part of the Bliss Couture family to help us share in the celebration of this special event.

See you at the Grand Opening and Two Year Anniversary Celebration!!!

Amutey DeCuir CEO and Designer, Bliss Couture
and Management Team.


Calendar of Events: 

Fashion Shows:
Formal Gowns on Saturday March 27th at 5PM
New Bridal Collection on Sunday March 28th at Noon

Live Music Events:
Carmen Roeth on Saturday March 27th at 2PM
Skye Galaxy on on Sunday March 28th at 4PM

Second Anniversary's Pink Celebration:
All pink items 50% off from Saturday March 27th to Sunday April 4th
New Pink Second Anniversary Gift (Members Only) from Saturday March 27th to Sunday April 4th

Where: New Bliss Couture's Main Shop (slurl coming soon)

Miamai Store Model Search!

Miamai Fashion Creations is looking for several models for the opening of the new Mainstore.

Miamai Fashion Creations is home of high quality casual and elegant clothing, this is a truly exciting opportunity to be part of our family!

his search is open to every female avatar who is at least 6 months old, has previous modelling experience and is fluent in English; a second language is a plus.

We are looking for live models to welcome our customers when they arrive in store and assist them only if they require help. Our models will always look at their best showing the newest Miamai creations.

Initially the models will be provided with some of the newest outfits to start their work, then weekly they will receive the latest releases.

How to apply:

Send a notecard titled "Miamai Store Model Search - (your name here)", please do not include the quotation marks otherwise the notecards get lost in the inventory.
In the notecard include 2 full perm pictures of yourself (one full body and one headshot). Please do not use heavily photoshopped images.

Include in the above mentioned notecard your answers to these simple questions:






• WHAT LANGUAGES DO YOU SPEAK? (please also mention your level of knowledge)

Once you have answered all the questions and included the pictures,  send the notecard to Mavi Beck.

All the notecards with the wrong title, with missing information and those sent directly to Monica Outlander won't be considered.

The details of the job will be disclosed during a face to face interview with Miamai creator and store manager. Please allow a few days for us to examine all the entries, we will get back to you in any case.

Submissions deadline: March 31st

Good luck!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010



We are looking for the sexiest male avatar on the grid. 

Do you have it going on? Answer these questions before sending your picture:

- When you arrive somewhere, Do you get greeted: "How YOU doing?"

- Do girls always pínch your butt?

- Do some gay guys invite you to their apartment, ¨just to look around¨? 

- Do people open IMS to you for no particular reason?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, YOU may be the person we are looking for!

- Send us your best headshot 512 x 512 labelled:  MR VIRTUAL WORLD 2010 (your name) in a folder labelled the same way. Please send to Frolic Mills.

- Join THE BEST OF SL Magazine Readers Group, which will be the group used for all Mr. Virtual World 2010 announcements.

- If the judges like what they see, we will call you back for a live audition at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium., and only after we see all of the pre selected avatars, will we announce the official finalists to compete for the title of MR. VIRTUAL WORLD 2010 on Saturday  June 5th at 10 am SLT.

- Most rehearsals will take place on saturdays in the morning SLT. If you cannot commit to this schedule, please do not audition.

Let the search begin!

Miss/Mr Virtual World Organization


PS:  Feel free to share this card with your HOT male friends. 

Conspiracy Launch - AVENUE

AVENUE Models proudly presents the launch of Club Conspiracy.
Join us Sunday, March 21st @ 1PM SLT as we bring you House Music at it’s finest with DJ’s Jezy Bellic and Gonguitas Greggan and fashions from CheerNo, Diram, Hucci, Osakki, R.cielli, So Many Styles, A&C Design and Aleida.
Come discover CONSPIRACY!
Sunday, 21 March 2010
12 PM SLT – Pre Party
1 PM SLT – Fashion Show by AVENUE Models
2 PM SLT – DJ Jezy Bellic
3 PM SLT – DJ Gonguitas Greggan

For more information check out the website:

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mr. Costa Rica Sims 2010 is......

Mr. Costa Rica Sims was held on March 20th, 2010 at 12:00 noon SLT. The winner was...

Mr. Costa Rica Sims 2010: Todd Anton
photo taken from: Costa Rica Sims Flickr: *click here*

Runner up: Mr. Costa Rica Sims 2010 finalist and runner up, Seth Diabolito .
photo taken from: Costa Rica Sims Flickr: *click here*

Mr Congenial: Mr. Costa Rica Sims 2010 finalist and winner of Most Congenial, David Jupiter.
photo taken from: Costa Rica Sims Flickr: *click here*

Most Photogenic: Todd Anton
photo taken from: Costa Rica Sims Flickr: *click here*

Congratulations Guys!

* If you would like to see more photos from the event please follow this link *click here*
* If you would like to find about more about all the finalists please follow this link *click here*

* If you would like more information about the gorgeous Costa Rica Sims and all the services they offer please follow this link *click here*

Friday, March 19, 2010

GLANCE Presents Accessory Fair Fashion Show II

Date & Time: Saturday, March 20, 2010 at 1:00 PM SLT

GLANCE Presents Accessory Fair Fashion Show II -- Featuring the designs of TRES BEAU and
spotlighting designers from Accessory Fair 2010 --

GLANCE – March 18, 2010 – GLANCE International Agency (GIA), SL's premier fashion marketing and public relations agency, announced today that it will proudly present Fashion Show II of the GIA Accessory Fair taking place now through March 27.

Sponsored by and, the GIA Accessory Fair 2010 is taking place now through March 27 and features over 60 of SL's leading designers of hair, fingernails, jewelry, purses, eyelashes, eyeglasses, tattoos and other accessories to adorn your avatar.

Accessory Fair Fashion Show II will feature clothing by acclaimed designer Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau complimented by jewelry, glasses and other accessories from participating designers. Participating Accessory Fair designers include: alaMood (Jori Watler), AlaFolie (pixivor Allen), Jewelry by Jake (TJake Kearny), [GOS] (Gospel Voom), !SyDS! (Serenite Stransky), Bliensen + MaiTai (Plurabelle Lazslo), Baubles Boho Jewelry (Chic Aeon), (OMFG) I Love it ! (Redsoledrea Gosspgirl), Donna Flora (Squinternet Larnia), Stitch by Stitch (Sevenstar Amat) and SIGMA Jewels (Sofi Trenkins). The show is an opportunity for the public to get ideas and see innovative new accessories that make extraordinarily polished and finished fashion icons.

"GlLANCE is delighted to pesent this fabulous show. Tres Beau is one of SL's most well-respected fashion brands, and when Kimmmera's clothing is combined with the fantastic accesories available at the GIA Accessory Fair 2010, it creates an unique opportunity to pair the pinnacle of clothing design, with some of SL's most unique accessories, to present stylish, elegant and individual styling anywhere," said HoneyBear Lilliehook, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Glance International Agency. "We are extremely excited to presnt this show," she continued.

Join us Saturday when the elegant GLANCE International Models step gracefully onto the runway in this fashion extravaganza and see the myriad of accessories that can make your avatar an unique reflection of your own personal style.

edo’s Selection Wedding Fashion Show by Styles of edo.

Fashion Show: The 3rd Year Anniversary - edo’s Selection Wedding Fashion Show by Styles of edo.

Date & TIme: March 27 Saturday, 2pm SLT. See the calendar on the right hand side of this blog for more info.



Producer:ede Tone
Director:Kay Fairey
DJ:Aris Earnshaw

Styles of edo
Azul, Bliss Couture, Morea Style, Miamai
Son!a, B!Fashion, Sparkle Skye Designs
Orage Creations, AlaFolie, SYSY’s, M&M
Virtual Impressions

SL Top Models
Laura18 Streeter, Mui Mukerji, Sabine Blackburn
Miaa Rebane, Mimmi Boa, Cherie Parker, Payton Heron

Team edo
Andrew Laguna, Clif Sharktooth, Tesan Lane
Takeshi Kiama, Rod Insippo, RicoRacer Flux, Alf Whittaker.

Mr. Costa Rica Sims 2010!

Top row from left to right: Apollo Call, Caine Elcano, David Jupiter, & Gin Zaks.
Bottom row from left to right: Jaymz Pearl, Seth Diabolito, Todd Anton & Trevor Spore.

Date & Time: March 20th, 2010 at 12:00 noon SLT.

Dress Code For Event: Black Tie.

Alphamale - Collection of Clothing (Worth L$2,810)
Caithlin Carter Designs - Exclusive Crown & Sceptor (Worth L$25,000)
Costa Rica Sims - L$25,000 Cash
Cigar Yachts - The Habana Yacht (Worth L$12,000)
Chantkare - Entire Male Collection (Worth L$5,100 )
Emery - L$2,000L Giftcard
Hollywood Gestures - L$5,000 Cash & 5 Gesture Packs of Choice (Worth L$2,500)
Interazzo - Collection of Shoes (Worth L$4,200)
Kal Rau - Collection of Clothing (Worth L$10,000L)
Loaq - Collection of Jewelry (Worth L$2,300)
Luxury Homes by Quantum Destiny - Home of Choice (Worth L$6,500)
The Best Of Second Life - Exclusive Interview In The April Issue
Vitamen - Collection of Underwear (Worth L$2,000)

A grand total of L$104,410 in cash and prizes!

Good luck guys!

SW&MB Productions and Evane Models Agency IT'S SPRING! Fashion Show!

Fashion Show:

SW&MB Productions and Evane Models Agency
IT'S SPRING! Fashion Show Invitation:

Date & Time: Sunday March 21st at 1pm

Info: SW&MB Productions and Evane Models Agency would like to invite you to the IT'S SPRING! Fashion Show on Sunday March 21st at 1 pm.
We are delighted to present the upcoming collections from six very talented designers:

Dojo by Sanders Beaumont
Anubis Style by Anubis Hartunian
Lapointe & Bastchild by Paul Lapointe & BastChild Lotus
Rita Freese Bare Skins by Rita freese
DD Style by Dadina Dosei
Bi Beauty by Ares Inshan

The Event will be held also with the precious support and collaboration of Primajicka Studios

It would be a pleasure to have to have you with us during this great SW&MB Productions and Evane Models Agency Event.

Mimmi Boa and Salvo Waydelich

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CLOTHING FAIR 2010 - Fashion Shows.

Fashion Shows:

Wednesday 17th:
Fashion show - London 11:30AM SLT

Thursday 18th: Fashion show - Milan 12PM SLT

Friday 19th: Fashion show - Melbourne 6PM SLT

Saturday 20th: Fashion show - Tokyo 6PM SLT

Sunday 21th: Fashion show - Paris 12PM SLT

You can also click the links on my calender for more information on the shows.

The SL Clothing Fair 2010 is Sponsored by the Clothing Fair Committee.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Champagne Contest Results For April.

Congratulation to the winners they are as follows.

1st place went to: Linnda Scofield.

2nd place went to: Anastacia Markova.

3rd place went to: Lile Bikcin.



TIMELESS, one of SL's most established and respected modeling agencies, made a transition in January of this year. After having been led by the talented SerinaJane Loon for quite some time, the company was carefully placed into the hands of another. Pyper Dollinger has taken the reigns of TIMELESS Modeling Agency. With a strong background in fashion, management and innovation as seen in her work with Dazzlers, Inc. Dance Team and Give It A Swirl, Pyper leads a beautiful and gifted team of managers, trainers, stylists, bloggers and models. With her vision and a solid, supporting cast, TIMELESS Modeling Agency is well-poised to reach new heights in SL's fashion industry.

To celebrate this transition in the history of TIMELESS, we bring you, "TIMELESS...A New Beginning." The show, a marriage of the runway and of the stage, tells the story of the agency's evolution while showcasing the inspired creations of the following:

  • Indyra Originals
  • DeLa
  • Exclusiva (formerly, V Fashion)
  • Moxie Polanos
  • RFrye
  • SF Design
  • Bax Coen

For additional information:

Contact: Pyper Dollinger

TIMELESS Modeling Agency offers end-to-end solutions for showcasing your designs. Whether you are launching your line or you already have an established label, TIMELESS will provide you with thoughtful and high-quality shows complete with set design, show management and marketing. To schedule a consultation or to book a show, please contact Pyper Dollinger. Thank you!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Precious Model Search - March!

My Precious Model Group is supported by Alienbear's Design one of the top jewelry designers in SL and Entre Mares,

(1) You could send us an application if you :
--have good attitudes and are willing to learn and practice
--have flexible work schedule (our shows are' mostly' held at 11a.m. and 4p.m.)
--have a good selection of nice hair and skins (makeup)

(2) Submit a FOLDER including THREE pictures (1024x1024) with full permissions:
Picture 1: Close-up .
Picture 2: Full body snapshot in any gowns of My Precious .
Picture 3: Full body snapshot in any short dresses, cocktail dresses, casual items of My Precious.

Notecard: Please briefly let us know if you have any modelling experience and training background.

Send the folder to Agnes Finney. Rename the folder as “Spring Model Search + your full name” (Please stick to our format, or your entry might be ignored)

The same sets of pictures can be used to join the March Royal Princess Selection.
The folder should be sent to Agnes Finney. It's always helpful if you send an IM about the delivery. A reply will be given to you when we receive your applications.

(3) More details will be available at the Mainstore (Taxi)

(4) A casting will be held on 27th March 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Please reserve 31st March in case SL has issues). You may reconsider your application if you are not available at the casting and our regular show time specified above. We will send you a notecard to confirm the casting time after the deadline.

(5) Contact: Agnes Finney directly with a notecard with title. ‘New Note’ notecards will be discarded.

Good luck everyone!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Phoenix Rising Model Of The Month - April.

Second Style Magazine is proud to announce in partnership with Phoenix Rising….Model of the Month! Phoenix Rising Model Of The Month this time around is open to male and females.

Dates: April 2010 Contest Entry Deadline: March 22th

For more information, rules and prizes on this bi-monthly contest, come to Phoenix Rising's mainstore (taxi) or the Second Style office at Second Style Island (taxi) and click the board!

Note: Any and all inquiries and entries for the contest should be directed to Phoenix Chapman and NOT to any of the designers of Phoenix Rising or staff of Second Style magazine.

Good Luck!

☆ Dates For SL Model Case ☆