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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sera's Compact Diary of Being a New Model

Sera, Ready To Take On The Modeling World?

The first real exposure I had to the modeling world, besides buying clothing, was through Flickr. I have an account and run a group (shameless plug) Holy Schnikes!-SL, in which I began seeing a large amount of amazing fashion photography submitted. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the lines, models, styling, and quality of craftsmanship from the photographers. I knew then and there, someday, I would be a part of it. In some form I was going to make my way to touch upon it, jump into the river and become a part of it's creative flow. Even if a sinking pebble, better than never having jumped at all, and miss all of that energy and life.

That is what draws me to the fashion industry here in SL, as in FL, it takes so many elements of the creative arts and puts them into a package, especially fashion shows. Going to a fashion show in SL is like going to the theatre. Even when the show is minimalist and clean, the drama and power of the designs in their right setting is breathtaking, and when elaborate and grand it is near overwhelming in a completely different way. That is the beauty of SL Fashion shows to me, the manipulation of the audience through highlighting the designs with just the right styling and ambiance.

Before I went to my first fashion show it took me awhile to even open up an issue of the magazines I had picked up at the kiosks such as; BOSL, Avenue, VAIN, etc. Once I finally sat down and looked through my first one I was in shock and began to devour them in droves. The models, the gorgeous photographs by those I was well familiar with from Flickr and then those who I did not know, and was excited to learn about, the interesting articles and even more exciting interviews that truly made me feel more connected to something tangible in SL. Something more real than just shopping and Role Playing. Yes folks, I RP. No folks, I do not play a sparkly vampire. *grins* But you might not want to meet her out in the street. Now my mermaid however.....*goes off babbling about all the different ways to turn couture dresses into fins and flippers*

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