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Friday, July 2, 2010

Liberty Runway Model Contest - Fashion Show For Charity!

The Liberty sim is having a fashion show for charity next weekend. The charity is to help the giantttt oil spill in the gulf, it's caused a lot of damage to the waters and the many critters of the ocean in that area. Mostly 100% of the proceeds for the event will go to the charity!!

Jeanie Valois from  Posh is in search of 5 models. Girls AND boys. 

She is holding a photo contest, that will begin from now until Sunday at midnight SLT.

(Friday, July 02, 2010 12:00 AM SLT - July 05, 2010 12:00AM SLT)


 Some info:
 1.) You will NOT be a model for Posh hair. You'll be a model for the fashion show aka a RUNWAY model.  However, my hair will be displayed during the fashion show, so you WILL get to model my hair down the runway. 
2.) There will probably be a huge crowd (I'm hoping.) So if you're shy, this probably isn't for you. 
3.) There will be many designers participating, so you'll be spoiled with many freebies to rock down the runway. Ranging from skins, to hair, to clothes, to poses and many other things..Who doesn't like free shit? I do!
4.) If you're looking to get your name out there and be noticed for the many modeling agencies out there, this is a great opportunity for you!!
5.) and finally the 5 winners will receive a fat pack of every hair I'm releasing at the event!!!!! (20 different hair colors per hair style, wooooo)


Contest Rules:
(PLEASE READ before applying)

1.) You'll need to snap a photo of yourself, no one else. Feel free to edit it, photo shop it, do whatever you want to manipulate it and make it glamorous..anything goes!
2.) It MUST be your own work. If it's stolen from someone else, you'll be automatically disqualified from the contest. 
3.) You can model anything you want in the photo, just please make sure that is a photo of YOU..if you model with someone else, please specify which one is you in the photo.
4.) If you are chosen to be a model for the runway, please PLEASE PLEASEEEEEEEE, be aware that you will have to be available NEXT Saturday night, no exceptions. If you can't show up on time for anything, then please don't apply. We're taking this serious, this charity is very very important and meaningful to all of us at Liberty.
5.) We'll be holding rehearsals on Tuesday & Thursday next week. It's important that you as a model, show up, ON TIME, so that you can be there for a run down on how the show is going to go down. (We will give you times and dates, after the contest.)
6.) Must be willing to wear one of OUR shapes if need be.
7.) All entry's must be submitted by yourself and INSIDE of the attached application at the bottom of this notecard, please do not have your friend submit a photo for you. I will not accept it.
8.) I will not accept any entry's after Midnight SLT on Sunday. The winners will be announced Monday sometime during the day.

Good luck girls and boys!! Please fill out the attached note card and send it back to me within this weekend, if you're planing to compete :)

Please fill this out and send it back to Jeanie Valois as soon as possible!


Name (First & Last) :


How long have you been modeling?:

Are you available on Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday of next week?:

Are you willing to wear one of our shapes for the fashion show if need be?:

<3 Jeanie Valois

Good luck everyone!!! 


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