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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

NARDCOTIX Re-Opening and MANA Shoe Release.



PR Contact: Jesika Contepomi, Chief Marketing Officer, AVENUE Inc.

NARDCOTIX Re-Opening and MANA Shoe Release.

NARDCOTIX is back with some extra summer flare.  Re-Opening their doors this Sunday, NARDCOTIX is proud to welcome it's newest creation MANA.  

MANA is a rejuvenation for your feet, a new line of toe shoes from the amazing Nardya Rousselot, these are sure to quench your summer thirst and soothe those aching feet.  

This very special release is the first of it's kind.  MANA shoes are fully functional with many extra perks and options, but most importantly ladies...get ready to give your pedicures a boost.  With extra nail packs not only can you change your colors and designs, but you can do it per toe.  

For those interested in getting a sneak peek of the new MANA collection...NARDCOTIX is sponsoring a 3-Day MANA Blogger Challenge (Thursday - Saturday) where three lucky avatar feet will have the chance at the MANA pack of their choice.

NARDCOTIX MANA Blogger Challenge

We all know how bloggers are the trendsetters and forefront of SL Fashion.  They keep us informed and current with the latest designer releases and fashion events around the grid.  

Nardya Rousselot owner and designer of NARDCOTIX is proud to sponsor the MANA Blogger Challenge with some of SL's finest bloggers for the re-opening of it's mainstore and newest shoe release MANA.  

Three (3) lucky winners of this challenge will receive the MANA color pack of their choice.  

The rules are simple: 
Rename this NC 
  i.e. NARDCOTIX MANA Blogger Challenge _ name here 
  becomes .. NARDCOTIX MANA Blogger Challenge _ Jesika Contepomi
Surf the following eight (8) blogs between June 10 - 12:
  1.  Strawberry Singh -
  2.  Gorgeous Yongho -
  3.  Mavi Beck -
  4.  Vixie Rayna -
  5.   Wicca Merlin -
  6.  Anessa Stine -
  7.  Jennaa Loire -
  8.  Cerra Denja -  
Answer the following eight (8) questions:
  1.  Why did Nardya begin making toe-shoes?
  2.  Who are Nardya's shoe inspirations?
  3.  What does MANA mean?
  4.  What makes MANA unique from other toes shoes?
  5.  Give the full name of each shoe inspired by an SL friend.
  6.  What significant person is the MANA Chelo named after?
  7.  What should one do just before they purchase a pair of the new MANA's?
  8.  Why does Nardya's husband Alron love her designs the most?
Return the completed NC to:  Jesika Contepomi
First 3 entries with all eight (8) questions correct win their choice of a MANA color pack.  

Winners will be announced at the NARDCOTIX Re-Opening.

When Is The Re-Opening?

NARDCOTIX OPENING :: Sunday, June 13 - 1pm SLT

Where Is It?

AVENUE Inc, the parent company of AVENUE Models, AVENUE Studio, AVENUE Models Academy and AVENUE Magazine, was founded by Rusch Raymaker, CEO in 2007.  With a team of highly professional and qualified fashion, creative and marketing professionals, AVENUE strives to continuously promote the Second Life Fashion Industry to a higher level. 

Leading the first fashion track and publishing AVENUE Magazine in print at the Second Life Community Convention 2009, AVENUE continues to break new grounds in fashion marketing and publishing within and outside of Second Life.

For more information please contact Jesika Contepomi.

Jesika Contepomi


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