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Monday, August 23, 2010

FresH Inc. is proud to announce "THE FACES OF FresH 2011 contest"

        FresH Inc. is proud to announce

     THE FACES OF FresH 2011 contest

It is a pleasure for us to announce The Face of FresH 2011 contest which will be running starting from 21st August 2010 and ending 15th October 2010 at 12 pm SLT.

Two (2) final winners will be chosen to be the FresH face for each brand:

1. Face of ALEIDA
2. Face of Fab.Pony

They will be acting as "Face of" for each brand - they will be used in each brand's fashion ad/spreads in the respective mainstores and various magazines for Second Life.

Prizes to win

 1. ALEIDA - become a BLVD model, $5000L cash and clothes worth $5000L of her choice. Head model for ALEIDA 

 2. Fab.Pony - gets SE modeling course package worth $7999L, $5000L cash, clothes worth $5000L of her choice. Head model for Fab.Pony 

Contest process and deadlines 

Theme for this contest is:  "Fresh Face"

How to enter the contest:

1. Make a notecard and re-name it: "Fresh Face of ALEIDA - [your name]" , if you want to enter Aleida contest and Fresh Face of Fab.Pony - [your name], if you want to enter Fab.Pony contest.

2. Write in a notecard with your own words: Why do u want to become fresh face and tell us a little about your experience, skills, education or your hobby - can be SL/RL.

3. Add (drag from your inventory to notecard) 2 (two) pictures of yourself - 1 face and 1 full body.  Photoshopped pictures are encouraged but not mandatory.

4. Teleport to FresH and at the landing point you will find a "contest" dropbox - drag the notecard on it. 

Contest rules:

1.You must wear clothes from ALEIDA and Fab.Pony brands and show the best out of them and mix with these brands are not permitted.  
2. You are permitted to enter both ALEIDA and Fab.Pony if desired but you cannot win both.
3. You must join ALEIDA group if you want to enter ALEIDA contest.
4. You must join Fab.Pony group if u want to enter Fab.Pony contest.
5. If you want to join both contests - join both groups.
6. Add FresH sim in your Profile Picks.

**PS: It is important that :
- your pictures are full perm and has the size scale of : 1024x1024 or 512x512.
- your notecard is re-named as guided above 
- you have joined to the respective groups 
- you have added FresH sim to your Profile Picks

----- > else we take it as disqualification

Tatianna Faulkes - Fab.Pony Owner/Designer ;
Aleida Rhode - Aleida Owner/Designer.


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