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Friday, September 10, 2010

A Chat With Nayia

Hi all! Meet Nayia Kazyanenko! Nayia is one of the most successful models on the grid and manager of House of Beningborough. I met her this summer during the BCA date auction and thought it might be interesting to gather her thoughts on the model industry, the fashion world, and SL in general as well as a few tips to become a model in SL and her top fashion places. So here it is:

Jeannie Svenson: Hi Naiya! First off, could you tell us about yourself and your second life?

Nayia Kazyanenko: Well I come to 2nd life after seeing a TV programme in the UK about it. I was only coming for a look see what it was like lol and here I am over 2 years later lol. I started off learning to build. I had a sim with some rental properties on that I built and landscaped myself. That was with my best friends at the time who where a couple but they split so we got rid of the sim. I still done some building but realised my nails where chipping too much, so I hung up my rigger boots and tool belt and headed off for some model training lol.

How did you decide to go into modelling?

I was told for a long time that I had a good av and I should be a model. So looked it all up and enrolled in glance and catalyst of fantasy academies. I think I was the longest student in glance (giggles). I enrolled in July and didn’t grad till Feb lol. Was just too busy to do the classes.

What major modelling jobs have you done?

To date I have done over a 100 runway shows! I started as a live model at gems and kisses and then got offered the model manager job there. From there I went to CCD to be the model director. Then Bliss Beningborough offered me the assistant manager position of House of Beningborough. Then in Feb. /March the manager left and bliss offered me the position…which I love!!!

Ok, you’re a successful model and we all know how hard this is to accomplish. Any tips for wannabe models?

It doesn’t happen over night and the best advice I can give is always be pleasant and humble… and never ever give up!

Any dos and don'ts?

- Make sure you have at least one good academy you have graduated from - Always make sure u look your best u never know who is at the place u are, and its chance meetings in places that help

A lot of girls don't want to do live modelling, can you explain how this experience helped you?

If I wouldn’t have started live modelling I wouldn’t be earning money that I can spend in SL™. You never have enough money when u model (lol). You always spend more than what you earn on the runway, so live modelling helps in that respect.

Still about modelling, I've heard about this sl to rl model experience. Could you tell us more?

Oh that was a big show last year. I have a link that I can give u that was in the Evening Standard newspaper in London

You're also manager for House of Beningborough. Can you explain what your job consists in and your work relation with designer Bliss Beningborough?

I look after all the models at the store and the model troup. And Bliss is always busy designing outfits so I get all the customer enquiries. And if bliss needs to talk to anyone regarding anything I contact them and either set up an appointment with them. The store is relocating to rodeo drive where Evane and Bestyle agencies are, the best of Italian. We’re having a new store built and we hope it will be all done by the launch party for face of beningborough

Can you tell us more about Face of Beningborough?

Well FoB started last year and the lovely Keira Tyles won. This year it has slightly changed: the contestants will not need to stand on the runway at the store on a themed outfit. This year they send their photos. The final decision will be in jan/feb next year so girls can still enrol. They get picked from the photos for the runway show and 5 go to the finale in jan/feb from each month runway show

Could you describe the hob style?

Its very avant garde. You do have to be very good at styling. HoB is very out there so u get noticed so the styling has to be too to make the best of the outfit but it can also be dressed down to very formal.

You surely are a very busy girl here on SL, but when you have some time for yourself (if you do have any!), what do you like doing?

I like to go listen to my fav singer here noma falta or any live music or some times I go over to frank’s and just sit or stand there listening to the music while I work on my hob work like time sheet or nc to be sent out and of course there is always shopping (giggles).

So you're a music fan?

Yeah I love the live music here. Some very very talented singers

Ok, final round of questions : a "favorites" questionnaire.

Favourite place to hang out?

Well my friend is the owner and maker of the truthball so it has to be her café : the truthball cafe

Favourite fashion store (except for HoB of course)

lol well I have a few…it depends what I'm looking for Only one!!! Too easy otherwise! I have to say I do love Leezu. It’s an old fav and always will be I guess

Favorite skin store?

Well I can honestly say I have tried loads and spent loads (lol) but I must say I like Lavie.

Favourite hair store

Has to be Truth for every day and 3636 for show hair

Favourite shoe store

Well its N-core but I found these great shoes I have on this week : Angelic Lefevre I love the shoes there too and u buy them and they have a colour change in so u get all the colours!!!

Fav anims/poses store?

Body Language for show poses or Vista for ao

Favourite HOB outfit?

Gosh that is hard as I always say the new one is the best ever but I think my real fav from when I started modelling and 1st entered the hob contest has to be Red Carpet. It’s a full glamour dress.

Favourite phrase or expression?

Your point being!

Favourite bad language?

Well I usually say “2nd word off take ur pick of the 1st one” (lol) then they get the point without me having to say it.

OK, finally, the hardest question I was ever asked here in sl...: Favourite item in your inventory?

Oh gosh I have 51k at the moment but I have to say the one thing I would be with out are these eyelashes as I feel naked with out my eyelashes lol… so my Leezu eyelashes!!!


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