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Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Precious Fashion House and Entre Mares are looking for staff...

My Precious Fashion House and Entre Mares are looking for staff to help us with hosting and graphic designs. Further details will be provided in the interview. Kindly contact Agnes Finney by notecard for queries.

Post 1: Event host (Both male or female are welcome)
1. Main duty: help with fashion write-ups and host events for My Precious and Entre Mares
2. Good personality: Organized, efficient, able to follow instructions and work under pressure
3. Language: Good proficiency of English (Being able to speak other languages is a plus)
4. Good looking, have a good collection of QUALITY hair and accessories
5. Experience is needed
6. Qualities that considered as a plus: blogging, able to work on graphics

Post 2: Graphic assistant (Both male or female are welcome)
1.    Main duty: help with promotional graphics for My Precious and Entre Mares
2.    Personalities, language and experience requirements are the same as above
3.    Applicants of this post have to submit a few artworks (e.g. fashion ads) in the notecard. If you have a photostream, it is okay to simply attach the link in the notecard.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Agnes Finney (Owner), Will FInney (COO)
My Precious Fashion House
31st October 2010

1. Complete the following and return this notecard to Agnes Finney:
a) Full Name
b) Language(s):
c) Time available in SL:
d) Work experience:

e) Blog/ Flickr (if you have any)

f) Pictures: Close up and full body

2. Rename the notecard as "Job application+your full name"
Do not attemp to add extra symbols (e.g. !@#) to the title. It might result in being ignored.
3. Drop the notecard to Agnes Finney directly.
4. Leave an IM about the submission just to play safe.
5. An IM will be sent to you when we get your notecard. We will further contact potential applicants within 2 weeks after receiving their application.


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