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Sunday, April 4, 2010

MP Queen Contest 2010 & How To Join.

Thank you very much for your continuous support to My Precious by Agnes Finney.  :)

The MP Queen Contest 2010 is to award ladies who are beautiful, stylish, fun-loving and supportive to My Precious. Stepping into 2010, we will be giving out more prizes. Being an MP Queen, you are recognized our most honorable ambassador of My Precious and will be invited to different important events. She will reign over the year 2011 for My Precious.

Contact Agnes Finney for queries.

Please read the following carefully.

Part One  Selection Procedures 
(1) MP Royal Princess (Jan to Jun) & (July to Dec)
Each month 3 ladies will be selected as winners each month. (No ranking)

Besides the 3 winners, 10 best pictures will be awarded as MP Doll Face.

Totally, there will be 18 Royal Princesses selected by the end of June and another 18 selected by the end of December.

(2) Semi-Final   (Details will be announced later)
All these 18 ladies (Jan to Jun) will be joining the semi-final held in JUNE 2010.  Six finalists will be selected for the Queen contest

Another 18 ladies selected in Jul-Dec will be joining the semi-final held in Dec 2010.  Six finalists will be selected for the Queen contest.

Altogether, 12 finalists will be competiting for MP Queen 2011.

(3) MP Queen 2011 Finale (Details will be announced later)
--The 12 MP Royal Princesses will be joining the finale and compete for the title of MP Queen 2011.

(4) Reminder
- Our semi-final and Queen final will be held on Saturday afternoon. If the time does not fit you, please re-consider your application.
- Winners of each month will be invited to write a short descrptions about yourself.

Part Two  Awards & Prizes
1.  Title: My Precious Queen
a) You have to be one of the winners of each month (i.e., MP Royal Princess) to be eligible to compete for MP Queen.
--Prize: Tag of MP Queen 2010
--MP Precious Queen Crown, sceptre & Jewelry set by Alienbear Design
--Cash prize of 30,000+ 5000L Gift Card, Queen Gown named after her
--Cover and Interview feature in AVENUE Magazine and enrolment to AVENUE Models Acadamy
--Sponsored gifts from Amacci, Entre Mares, Talon Faire and Chade Vilota

b) 2nd place: Runner up Crown & jewelry and 3000L Gift card+10, 000L Cash Prize and sponsor gifts from Amacci, Entre Mares and Chade Vilota
c) 3rd Place:  Runner up Crown & Jewelry and 3000L Gift Card+8,000L Cash Prize

2.    My Precious Royal Princess of (January to December) 2010
Each winner will be awarded:
--Prize: Tag of MP Royal Princess
--Cash prize of 3000L + 1000L GC
--Mini crown by Alienbear Design
--Sponsored gift from Amacci, Entre Mares, Talon Faire and Chalde Vilota
--Interview feature in AVENUE magazine

3. Finalists for MP Queen Finale
--Each will be awarded a voucher of AVENUE Models Academy
--Gift Card

(If you have won as the MP Royal Princess in ANY of the month, you don't have to join the rest of the monthly selections but just the semi-final.  You can join again in the rest of the selections until you become the MP Royal Princess.)

The 10 selected MP Doll Faces of (Jan-Dec) will be awarded:
--a chance to model in the store (Tips are given)
--Gift Card
(You can join again as long as you are not selected MP Royal Princess.)


What do you need to do to join each month's selection?

Step 1.    Make purchases of:
- any items after 20th December 2009. The items have to be created by Agnes Finney.  (Dollarbies are not accepted.)

Different gown/ outfit  have to be used when you are joining different month's selection. That is, no gowns should be repeated in your entries. Different color of the same design is accepted though.

Step 2.    Requirement of the pictures: (For your own reference:
--Take two pictures (Head shot and full body shot, 1024x 1024) with full perm
--Put the full perm pictures into a folder. Rename the folder as "MP Royal Princess+January+your full name." No need to put any words in the pictures.
-- My Precious stores may post your pictures in advertising or on the blog. Any fees associated with the entry pictures must be paid by the entrant and will not be paid by My Precious stores. Please learn about the possible charges for which you will be responsible from those requiring additional payment for commercial use of a photograph they made for you.

Theme of the pictures:

              Jan-Mar Princess selection: Spring
              Apr-Jun   Princess selection: Summer
              Jul-Sep   Princess selectoin: Autumn
              Oct-Dec Princess selection: Winter
--If you want to wear any jewelry, please wear jewelry ONLY made by Alienbear Design. It could be just a pair of earrings or a necklace. It's your choice.
--Rename the folder as “MP Royal Princess + Month + your full name”
(Your entry will be ignored if you send us a notecard instead of a folder.)
The pictures to present the outfit and yourself as a queen. Touch-up with Photoshop is acceptable. :-) Send the pictures to Agnes Finney on or before 18th (midnight) of each month.

3.  It would be safe if you could notify me by IM after you send the folder. I will put the pictures up in the display area within 3 days.

4.  Announcement of the in-store models, winners of MP Royal Princess will be made thru group notice and our blog. Therefore it is important if you stay in the group for updates.

5. Contact Agnes Finney if you have any queries.


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Good luck ladies!


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