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Friday, June 4, 2010

Bliss Couture Luxury Fashion Show!

Bliss Couture would like to invite you to a very special Event on Saturday, June the 5th at 1pm.
Mimmi Boa, the gorgeous Miss Virtual World 2009 and flawless model will bring to life theLuxury Fashion Show, when both signature cocktail dresses and evening gowns will be presented in the unique atmosphere of the Bliss Couture's headquarter and new flagship store.

The couture gala will be something to remember not only for the beauty of the outfits, some of the most famous brand's pieces and new releases, but also because it will the first official event with Mimmi like Miss Bliss Couture 2010.

The beautiful mannequin, also producer of the show, will model the gown designed for her by Amutey DeCuir to welcome her and as a tribute to her breathlessing charme and upscale professionalism.

Luxury Fashion Show will be an exclusive chance to admire the precious sparkle of theAlienbear's Design Jewels in a perfect combination with the Bliss Couture's fashion dreams. A warm thank you to the great jewelry house for the great support and contribution to make this event unique.

photo by Julie Hastings
model Mimmi Boa, Miss Bliss Couture 2010

The most representative creations of Bliss Couture matched with the unbeatable jewels of Alienbear Designs on stage presented by:

Mimmi Boa: Miss Bliss Couture 2010
Kay Fairey
Bety Dudek
Chirzaka Vlodovic
Beloved Aries

Host Caymon Zhora
Show Director and producer: Mimmi Boa
Music: by dj Aris

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