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Sunday, June 27, 2010

[LeeZu!] Ten for 50k

LeeZu has been very busy fixing things up in the store and she decided to take some photos of the changes!  There's only one problem. She can't remember what the photos are or where she took them.  Come help her find the places where she took the photos so that she can get organized again. 


You MUST have [LeeZu!] in your picks to qualify for the contest.  Here's how to do it:

Go to the LeeZu Main Store and right click yourself and then left click on "Profile"

Click on the "Picks" tab in the list of profile tabs. It should be the 4th tab.

Click the "New" button.  A new pick will be added to your profile. The image, title and description should be filled in already. No need to edit any of it!

Click the "2nd Life" tab. It should be the 1st tab in the list. At the bottom of the "2nd Life" tab, there's a checkbox marked "Show in search". Make sure this box has a check mark in it.  If there's no check mark, just click the box to add one. Then just left click the "OK" button.

There is no purchase necessary to enter this contest.


Below you will find ten photos that were taken in the store. Identify where in the store the photo was taken and what the photo is of. 

List your answers (1 - 10)  on a notecard titled "LeeZu Ten for 50k - your name" and pass the completed notecard to Barbara Nicholls. All correct answers will be put into a draw for cash prizes. Winners will be randomly chosen using a number generator. The contest will run from June 25th to July 15th with the winners announced on July 16th.



1. Flower on shelf in Revolution Section

Three winners will be selected from the winning entries and each will receive a cash prize.

First place - 50000 L Cash
Second place - 10000 L Cash
Third place - 5000 L Cash

Drop by the store today and start hunting. Click the sign open entering the store to get the notecard with all the 10 things you are looking for.

Now put all your correct answers in a notecard and send it to Barbara Nicholls.  The contest will run until July 15th. No entries will be accepted after 9:00 pm SLT on July 15th. The winners will be chosen randomly by a number generator and will be announced on Friday, July 16th. 

DON'T FORGET... you MUST have [LeeZu!] in your picks to qualify. If your entry is chosen and we are not in your picks, we will choose another winner. Good luck to everyone!

[LeeZu!] Team ♥♥♥


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