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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Model's Workshop Open House!

Model's Workshop is a group dedicated to the ongoing professional development of SL models.  It is intended as a forum in which models can find support, exchange knowledge, and network with each other.  It provides resources meant to facilitate that goal.  Although many of its activities are educational in nature, it is not intended as a substitute for the formal training available at most modeling schools and academies.  From time to time, Model's Workshop may host fashion shows or contests.  These are not meant to compete with similar activities hosted by other agencies or groups, and are intended to provide opportunities and experience to aspiring models in a supportive atmosphere.

The group was founded by Monica Balut in February 2009 and has grown steadily since that time, boasting over 500 members at the beginning of June 2010.  In April 2010 a large parcel of land on the Klio region was donated to the group by Annemarie Perenti the CEO of BeStyle.  The group moved to the new building in May 2010.

The group is planning an open house to celebrate its move to its new building on 6/24/10. This will be an event starting at noon SLT and ending after 6 PM.  The event will consist of the following:

Scheduled events:
Noon: A workshop at the normal European friendly time
2 PM: The June Make It Work Contest
5 PM: A workshop at the normal American friendly time

Ongoing activities:
Visit our sponsor board in the lobby.
Take a self guided tour of the building
Raffle to benefit RFL
Visit the exhibits of the stores and agencies of the BeStyle District in the "casting" room.
Chill out and / or dance in the lounge area.
Chat with group members and group leaders.

We would like to use the open house to also give back to the Bestyle District.  We would like to invite the stores and agencies of the district to set up a poster board in our casting / exhibit room for that day.  If you would like to set up a poster board, it should consist of the following:
A 1:1 aspect ratio texture representing your store / agency.
A land mark to your store / agency.
A note card describing your store / agency.
Any gifts you may want to distribute.

Place these in a folder called: MW Open House - your store/agency
and send them to Monica Balut.  I will set them up in the casting room.

Please send this material by Tue 6/22 11:59 PM (SLT) at the latest.

You are welcomed to having a representative from your store/agency present between noon and 7 PM to answer questions if you would like.

Monica Balut. 


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