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Monday, October 11, 2010

Future Stars 1

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for being away from SL model case for a while, but I have been really busy with the BCA Fair for a Pair. So, I have loads to catch up with! This is the first post of a series of three about new talented designers. Second Life is full of unknown designers with a huge sense for styling, and it's really worth looking around for them.
My first designer here is Rui Muhindra, whose store "muhi" is not exactly unknown. Rui is a highly talented designer who masters all types of clothing techniques. I especially like her work with sculpts.
The first outfit on the left is the Serena Dress. Dark chocolate texture and a high collar makes it a perfect dress for this mid-season feel. A touch of shine with Bax's iconic Prestige Boots in silver to lighten up, and you're set for this year's fall!
Second outfit is the Asymetrical Body Suit. State-of -the-art sculpt work for this creative outfit. Works really well with Muhi's Sculpted Socks with Raw Gems and R2 Kaimana shoes.

Taxi to Muhi


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