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Monday, October 11, 2010

Future Stars 2


Second post on my new designers series. This one about Meghindo's. If you TP to Meghindo Romano's store, you'll be amazed to see the huge choice in quality outfits. When you get there, don't pass on the higher storeys, as every floor is packed with fantastic items. It took me one hour just to choose which outift I would present in this post!
First from left is Lucia short dress. Amazing texture for this classy yet sexy dress. Stunning!
Second is Noemie Long Dress. Great for a formal night out. I enhanced the cleavage by wearing Glow Studios' Baked Steel Necklace.
Before going on to the third outfit, I have to tell you all Meghindo's evening dresses come with a long and a short dress versions to suit your mood.
Last item here is the Proof Beach see through dress. Wasn't sure about posting this one, because you've now all seen me almost naked. But, come on... I just HAD to show you this! Fabulous texture with silver linings. I was first thinking of wearing accessories and jewelry for this shoot, because I thought the whole thing wouldn't look "dressed" enough, but in the end, the dress speaks for itself: I'm showing my boobs to eveyone, and yet, I feel classy and elegant.

Taxi to Meghindo's


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