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Friday, October 22, 2010

Model and photographer/graphic artist needed

Dear Colleagues

Phoenix Piek designer of noted jewellery label AGALIA  in conjunction with Maritima Inc and myself is searching for a model and photographer to showcase her latest jewellery for an advertisement photo promotional campaign in Modavia and Avenue magazine.

This is a paid position where the model will recieve 2500 L and the photographer 2500L for the sum total of their work in producing a photo marketing campaign to feature AGALIA `s new collection ( the shoulder pads featured in sample below will be one of the items required to be showcased in the photos) Alternatively the photographer may also be the model or vice-a-versa and will be paid a gross payment of 5000L

This is a very prestigious label and has been featured numerous times in blogs, magazines and showcased in runway style challenges. Agalia has managed to keep her uniqueness and boutique appeal avoiding mainstrem malaise while at the same time establishing itself as one of the most sought after jewellery labels in SL

The closing date for the entry will be midnight saturday 23/10/10
At which point final selections will be made.


If you are applying for the photographer or the joint Photographer/Model position featuring yourself please follow below instructions

- Please send at least one full perm 1024x1024  photograph highlighting how you intend to showcase the jewellery to its best effect. It is preferable to wear AGALIA jewellery in the photo but not a prerequiste or compulsory, You may send additional photos that best showcase your work in this context

-Please send to me emanuelle Courtois with your name labelled on the photograph texture  in the form of  ( Agalia Photographer --------NAME ) or alternatively you may attach the textures to a named NC

- You may use whatever editing tools are at your disposal and be as creative as you like

- PLEASE COME TO AGALIA MAIN STORE TO STUDY THE DESIGNS so that you are aware of the character, composition and nature of the photographs as well viewing the Photo below.

The three main categories for judging will be:

* FOCUS of the photos on the designs themselves (are there too many distractions taking away from that focus? can you clearly see the jewellery in the photo? etc)

* LOOK and styling of the model (did they use carefully considered lighting, pose, angles, accessories, hair, etc when creating the photo?)

* QUALITY and composition of photography (Photo processing and artistic additions to the photos are accepted and encouraged, but alterations to the integrity of the basic design or color of the clothing should not be made in processing the photos.)


If you are applying for the just the model position and do not feel confident in your abilities to use photoediting tools  please follow below instructions

- Please style yourself in something which best highlights how you would showcase jewellery and select one pose that enhances your look

- Its is preferable to wear AGALIA jewellery but not compulsory , I am mainly interested in how you highlight jewellery and style content. The model if selected will be given the jewellery she will be required to model for the ad campaigns

- There will be no set casting time for this.
Instead please IM me when you are ready to showcase your look so that i may examine and study you. I will then TP  you to Maritima or my secret garden of doom! and evaluate you. If you do not get a reply from me please continue to IM me .


Closing date is Midnight Saturdy 23/10/10

The choosen person or persons  will be contacted personally via myself or designer . If you have not heard by Sunday Midnight. Please take it as that you were unsucessful for the position on this occasion

Many Thanks

Emanuelle Courtois ( Director, Maritima)


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