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Friday, May 7, 2010

**DDstyle**by Dadina Dosei is looking for a Manager.

**DDstyle**by Dadina Dosei is looking for a Manager.

**DDstyle** an active company for over 2 years in production, marketing and distribution of prestigious clothes, shoes and accessories for men and women, with different shops in all over SL and a full sim as mainstore.

Under the reorganization plan and development facility, is seeking the following professionals:

1or 2 MANAGERS  (at least 1 female )

The candidate will begin his experience closely with the designer from production to completion of the vendor to distribution and advertising, with the future goal of autonomy in care management and corporate development, marketing and advertising .

She/He will implement the policies established sales and marketing together with the owner, suggesting appropriate action to achieve its objectives.

She/He will monitor the progress of shops, with monthly analysis, during which She/He will take note of the traffic of the host land and if the shop is to be updated

Will be responsible for the management of human resources entrusted to it in accordance with company policies.

The research is directed toward a candidate who has gained good experience in the fashion industry in SL, preferably a model that has knoledge of blogging. It will be an advantage the ability to photoediting.

The ideal candidate should possess the following:

-At least six months seniority in SL
-Knowledge of English at least
-to be introduced in the Fashion world of SL
-Good knowledge of: blogs, communities, group notices, subscriber.
-Have contacts with fashion sims and fashion blogs
-To be a model with degrees of at least one of the most renowned schools for models SL

From a personal perspective, the candidate has:

• excellent organizational skills and management skills
• Planning
• strategic vision
• excellent interpersonal skills
• Good initiative and dynamism
• strong ability to work in a team
• Strong results orientation
• flexibility and availability.

The knowledge of building complete the profile, if needs to help the designer to set up a new shop or mainstore.

The selection process will be supervised directly by Owner/Designer

Complete the following application form, (in the case of 2 friends, u can do just one notecard) rename it "**DDstyle** Application form Manager-YOUR NAME" and send it directly to Dadina Dosei.


SL Name:

SL date of birth:

Ur first language:

Other languages (it's not necessary):

Experiences in SL:

Why u would like to become DDstyle Manager?:

Have U something DDstyle in ur inventory? (it's not necessary!):

At what time u prefer to be contacted?:

Good Luck everyone!


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