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Friday, May 28, 2010

EIMA LPM Casting for Mini models!

Hi models!
We are pleased to announced we will be having a Mini models casting for our EIMA Le Petit Modele Agency!!! So we are oficially receiving resumes and applications for it!!!
The only requirement is avatars with more than 6 month old, and kids or teenagers avatars.
Experienced not required!
We will be selecting 5 mini models who will have the oportunity to join EIMA´s shows and castings and a photoshot courtesy of Poison Ivy Studio.
Shanen Hax

1. Second Life Name:

2. SL rezzday:

3. how old is your character?

4. Have you ever modeled in SL before ? If so, what type of modeling you have done:
               - Print :
               - Runway :
               - Store :
               - Other :

5. Since how long you are Model?

6. Academies attended:
7. Agencies and/or stores:
8. why do you wanna be an EIMA mini model?

9. RL time zone:

10. Whats the best time for you to join a casting?

       12 PM slt................   (     )  Yes      (     ) No
          5 PM slt................   (     )  Yes      (     ) No  

11. Submit 2 pictures here:

12. Fill this application and send to Shanen Hax, renamed EIMA LPM (your name).

Thanks for your interested in become one of our Mini models!
Best regards,


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