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Friday, May 21, 2010

JM Models Agency - Looking for models!

JM Models Agency is looking for experienced male and female runway models. 
Application attached. 
Good Luck!


Thank you for your interest in JM Models.

BEFORE you fill out this form please read the following.

We will consider your application based on the criteria below:

1. You must be able to demonstrate proven modelling experience on the runway and in photoshoots.

2. Rehearsals and Fashion Shows are generally conducted around 6pm SLT..and rehearsals generally anytime between the hours of 4pm and 8pm SLT (on either a Thursday, Friday or a Saturday) - we are looking for models who are online and available in between these times.

3. We prefer to communicate with you in voice at rehearsals, meetings, fashion shows - you will need to be voice enabled.

4. Your computer and internet connection needs to exceed the maximum required specs to run SecondLife. Being an experienced model you will have encountered severe lag at all Fashion Shows, you need to be able to move and operate your avatar in the lag environment effectively.

5. Your avatar should be more than 6 months old and demonstrate that you are a modeling professional.

We do not make exceptions to the above so we apologise in advance but please refrain from applying if you have any concerns.

Do you meet the criteria above? (Yes or No):
** If yes, please follow instructions carefully and fill out ALL areas (if you dont your application will be discarded and we will not make contact with you) **


1. Rename this notecard by inserting your name as indicated.

2. Answer ALL questions with detailed answers where possible.

3. Drag this application into the mailbox at the JM Models Agency office - inside

4. 4. Please wait to be contacted within the next few weeks.



Today's Date:

Your SL Name:

Your SL Birthdate:

What is the main language you speak?

Please list the times that you would be available (in SL time only) and be as specific as possible:

THUR  - from:          to:
FRID    - from:          to:
SAT     - from:          to:

When it's 6pm SLT, what time is it where you are?


1. a. Your Shape: Is it custom made by you or bought?
     b. If your shape is bought, is it modifiable?

2. a. Your Skin: what is the skin brand/name you wear most often?
    b. List three others that you own and sometimes wear?

3. Please list roughly how many hairstyles/shoes/eyes/avatar enhancements you have (by brand).

4. Which modeling HUD do you often use for posing?

5. Are you currently modelling for another agency?
    a.  If yes, who?
    b.  What are your current commitments to them?


6. Please list in detail your modeling experience, runway shows, print work or other applicable jobs you have done.

7. Where and when did you receive your Model Training?

8. Please list modeling references ie., previous employers, training school personnel so that we may contact them.


9. Why have you chosen to be a model in Second Life?

10. Describe what you think makes a good model.

11. What do you expect to be paid while working with JM Models?

12. Why would you like to work with JM Models?

Please add photos of yourself below in the spaces provided.
(2 x face and 2 x body shots required - unedited pics only pls - no nudes)
1. Face shot:

2. Face shot:

3. Body shot:

4. Body shot:
You may include an edited picture of your choice that best shows your avatar here:


After you have submitted your application as requested, over the next few weeks we will be processing applications.

You will be contacted shortly thereafter and may or may not be invited to participate in a model casting show (based on whether you fit our criteria and whether you have answered all questions appropriately).

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Jewell Munro                                                                                            
JM Models CEO

Aliyeh Yifu                        
JM Models Co-owner & President                  

Kamalin Bailey
JM Models Co-owner & President


when you need a professional model call me thanksssssssssss konstantin

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