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Monday, May 10, 2010

Fellini Couture's Muse 2010 - Contest Reminder!

  Fellini Couture's Muse 2010

... If you feel you have a princess's soul
... If originality doesn't scare you
... If elegance is your moto and
... If you have the desire to represent Fellini Couture during a whole year...
    Join us for the Fellini Couture's Egérie Election !
How to proceed ? The contest will take place in three parts :

Join the Subcribe-O-Matic in the mainstore to stay informed about news. (TAXI)

➀ ρяε - Sεℓε¢тισŋ :
Entries : From 1st May to 14th May [3 pm SLT]  ~ Results the 15th ~
Make a folder named : [ Fellini Couture Egerie 2010 - Your name]  
(Please make sure to name the folder correctly or your application will not be considered)
Put in the folder :
 ► A full body shot with a Fellini Couture gown.
 ► A close up.
 ► The interview notecard completed.  (available at our mainstore)
(Photo editing is encouraged but not mandatory)
Send the folder to Fauve Beaumont before May, 14th 2010, 3 PM SLT AND please, send photos also at
➩ 10 girls will be chosen.
Winners will be announced by the Subscribe-O-Matic group and you will receive an invitation to the in world group and a tag for the semi final.

② Sεмι ƒιŋαℓ : 
═ Friday May, 21th. at 1 PM  ═
You will have to do one passage with an outfit based on Fellini Couture creation.
For example : Hair accessory + gloves from Fellini Couture and clothes from another designer... etc                       
Just let your creativity speak
➩ 5 girls will be chosen for the finale.
You will be personally notified that you've been selected for the final and we will announce finalists with a notecard by the Subscribe-O-Matic. 
A special tag will be setted for you.

③ ƒιŋαℓ : 
═ Friday May, 28th. at 1 PM ═
There will be one or two passages with Fellini Couture's gown.
Show us your ability to highlight the dresses and the best way for you to represent Fellini Couture.
➩ One égérie
➩ 1st runner up
➩ 2nd runner up  will be elected.
Winners will be announced just after the show. We will just need time to count votes.

✰The prizes✰
★ For the Fellini Couture Egérie 2010 :
◦10 000L$ cash
◦ Five dresses of her choice + all news to come.
◦ The opportunity to pose for photos vendor, advertising for magazine or do fashion runways for Fellini Couture.
◦ A close-up by Lulu Jameson that will be displayed in store.
★ For the 1st Runner up :
◦ 5000 L$ cash
◦ Two dresses of her choice
★ For the 2nd Runner up :
◦ 2500 L$ cash
◦ One dress of her choice

✰The Jury✰ 

* Joy Fellini - Fellini Couture & Lingerie Designer, Photographer.
* Lulu Jameson - Freelance Photographer, "Photographer of the year" - Vain magazine, Model.
* Miaa Rebane  - Model, Miss Virtual World 2010, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy Executive.
* Dancer Dallagio - Stiletto Moody Manager, Model, Miss Ireland 2010, "TOP 10 Most Elegant Women in SL" - BoSL magazine

Best of luck everyone!!


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