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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Class Of 1970

As you must know from my first post, I loooove summer! I also love the 70s. You know, all the free-spirit thing, the glorious music, but above all, I love 70s fashion! So I thought I could mix and match: a true 70s summer! And the results are beyond everything I expected.

Let's start with the Indyra Originals Aamani outfit in garnet. You know The Who's song "Gypsy Queen"? Well here you go! Great details as always with Indyra with a flex skirt and flex top.


Also worn:
Tuli Elizabeth skin
N-core ankle boots
Maitreya coin necklace
Maitreya coin belt
ETD Laine hair

Next one up is the tremendous Mimikri 5th avenue dress. Flower Power with this "hand-sewn" floral dress. The flowers on the skirt are a prim attachment and give a real hand-sewn look. Add the rustle skirt attachment and jabot top and you get a fantastic dress. A proper work of art!


Also worn:
N-core Prelude heels

The D-Design Melissa set is pure hippie fashion. Knitted texture and a colourful belt. Simple and sexy. Wear it at WoodSLock!


Also worn:
GOS espadrilles

Mimikri again for the Nova set available in a variety of colors. Ever dreamt of having a part in "That 70s show"? Fabulous pants texture with flares and cuffs attachment, great belt, and a nice flex top. Mimikri is definitely one of my favorites!

Also worn:
nothing! woohoo!!!

Finally, be a sexy hippie with the Crochet! Patchwork set. There are loads of fab outfits and bikinis at Crochet! but this little one really has that "flower child" looks. Fine texturing again. Perfect to stand out at a beach party.


Also worn:
LeeZu Pinkflower necklace
Natasha boots by Insolence


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