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Friday, July 30, 2010

New Author On SL Model Case - Jeannie Svenson

(Model: Jeannie Svenson)

I am so thrilled to announce we have a new writer on SL Model Case. Her name is Jeannie Svenson and she will be writing reviews as well as keeping you up with the latest news. I will let her introduce herself, but honestly I am thrilled to have her joining SL Model Case, so a huge welcome to her! You can check out her first post below titled "Sandy Toes".


I'm Jeannie Svenson and I'm new here. So here are a few words to introduce myself. I've been on SL for quite a few years now (though with previous accounts) and I just think fashion in Second Life has become fantastic! I was around when you had to wear those awful layered skirts and what designers do now is like magic to me. My posts on SLmodelcase will try and reflect this. 
By the way, I'm a French girl and there's one thing I like more than fashion: meeting people! So feel free to IM me inworld.

Welcome again Jeannie!


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