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Thursday, July 8, 2010




July's Theme:

Contest Deadline: August 15th *Please read below for Theme details and Rules


1st Place:
*Model will receive $5,000L cash prize and $5,000L giftcard towards Phoenix Rising
*Model will appear in a vendor ad for Phoenix Rising.
*Model will be added to the Phoenix Rising Model Pool for events and live modeling opportunities. *This is optional
*Winning photo will be prominently displayed in the Phoenix Rising main store for at least one month.

1st Runner Up:
* $5,000L Giftcard for Phoenix Rising.
*Photos will be displayed in the Phoenix Rising main store for at least one month.

2nd Runner Up:
* $2,500L Giftcard for Phoenix Rising.

All winners and honorable mentions will also be placed on the Phoenix Rising Flickr page and blog.

*Note: Men should participate! Our winners can be either Male or Female. Contestants are allowed up to two entries, but must have different outfits on for each.

Theme in detail: 

July's theme is The Art of Seduction and was inspired by Phoenix Rising's recent Lingerie release. While we encourage you to use our recent lingerie this does not mean you HAVE to use them. 

This is NOT a voting contest!  Entries will be pre-screened by Phoenix Rising staff and final winners will be chosen by the designers themselves and other respected members of the fashion industry including The Best of SL Staff and Guest Judge.  While we require that you put your name on the photo, it will not be included when it goes up for judging. .

(Please read carefully and completely)

*Each contest will have a specific theme for photos.  The theme for the month will be specified on the contest board at the stores as well as being listed at the top of the information notecard.  Photo submissions should be in keeping with the monthly theme.

*The main focus of the photo should be the designs themselves, followed by the look and styling of the model.

*Only Phoenix Rising label clothing and jewelry should appear in the photo.  'Mixing and matching' is encouraged between the stores featured on the Ashoka sim.

*Couples may enter, however they will split the winnings evenly.

*Photo processing and artistic additions to the photos are accepted, but alterations to the integrity of the basic design or color of the clothing should not be made in processing the photos. 

*Model winner must be available for a photoshoot sometime between the 20th- 23rd of the month for the magazine ad. If model is unavailable the runner up with take her place and the original winner will receive the runner up prize.  

*Prize money and gift certificates will not be distributed until after the photoshoot is complete.

**The model winners will be announced at a party that will be announced via the Phoenix Rising and The Best of SL groups subscription list.  Applicants will need to join the Phoenix Rising subscription list as well as the magazine readers group to receive any and all information about the process and results of each contest.  Subscription kiosks are located all around the store where you find the contest information.  To join the reader's group, search the profile of Frolic Mills, look at his groups, open The Best of SL Magazine Readers, and click join.  


1. Create a folder titled "PR Model of the Month - (Your Name Here)"

2.  In the folder, place a notecard with the same title inside of it. Restate your name and the name of your photographer in the notecard.

3.  List the items you are wearing.

4. Place a full perms copy of your entry photo inside the FOLDER.  NOT the notecard.  Title the photo with your name only.

5.  Drop the folder to Kieran Debevec by the 15th of the month.

6.  Make sure you click on the subscriber kiosk at the Phoenix Rising store to join their list as well as join The Best of SL Magazine Reader's group.

*ONE photo entry per person, per contest.*

*If the folder is not named properly, it cannot be easily located and judged and will be automatically disqualified.*

*If the subscription list and magazine group are not joined, you will not be aware of any changes or the announcement of the winners.  If at the time of announcement the winner does not belong to both groups, they will be passed over and disqualified.*

Any and all inquiries for the contest should be directed to Kieran Debevec and NOT to any of the designers of the label.


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