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Friday, August 6, 2010

Save Boobies, Date Them!!!

Jennaa has already posted about the BCA Date Auction at Costa Rica Sims but at SLmodelcase, we thought we could spend a little more time for a great cause.

Until August 21st, the final day of auction, we will present to you (or at least try and present to you) every single person you can date.

You have a dream date? Hunky gentleman, SL topmodel, famous entrepreneur, average Joe, genius builder, sweet girl next door...? You'll find him/her there. There's even a green man!

Please take the time to go to Costa Rica Sims.

Save boobies, date them:

Our first candidate is Floyd Mistwalker. Mmmm. Don't know where to start! Ok, the guy is handsome. Ok, the guy is a genius furniture maker and owner of PrimSavers, one of the most successful home stores in SL. Ok, the guy also likes to party and own his own club: Karma Night Club. And ok, the guy has a real sense of humor and his male fashion venture, Mr. Funny T. has for ambition to "bring humor in SL and stick it onto you". But on top of all this, the guy is GENUINELY a NICE guy!!!! Dating him will guarantee you two hours of dream with the perfect gentleman. Give it a try!!!

Second up is Geryn Sloane. Fashion designer and owner of G Sloane Couture, amateur of SL art, live music fan, dancing queen, Geryn is an open-minded, joyful and outgoing person (not to mention a VERY pretty girl too). She'd love you to take her out dancing or go round the marvellous attractions at Costa Rica. By the way, don't forget to get her a little present: the final day of auction is her rez day!

Ever dreamt of dating a truly romantic top model? Raphael Treves is your chance to live your dream! Raphael is a successful SL model, model instructor and CEO of Jezebel's Jazz Club. Imagine your date: a free modelling class, and then off to a romantic evening dancing with a beautiful gentleman. Oh, you're dreaming of something completely different? "I am willing to do whatever dream date she wants" is what Raphael says.

Finally, Jennaa Loire. Yes that's right! You're not dreaming! You could spend two hours with Jennaa Loire herself! The prettiest, sexiest, funniest, most friendly, most intelligent and most talented person in SL! (ok, she's my boss, so...) Honestly? Well Jennaa is very pretty (one of SL's highest rated top models), active and interesting (owner of SL home and garden, blogger and writer, fashion expert...) but above all, she is such a nice person. She gave me my chance after I IMed her (not even knowing her). Now, how many people you know would do this? Just ask anyone who knows her; they'll say "I LOVE Jennaa". Bid for a date with her and you'll make a bargain: she's worth a million!


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