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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Save Boobies, Date Them (2)

Hello everyone!

Here's the new post about 6 more "contestants" for the BCA Date Auction at Costa Rica Sims.
The good news so far is that there are more and more contestants, however this also means I will now review them 6 by 6. Today's "selection" is a great one and I can only recommend you to go to Costa Rica to check all those wonderful people. You're certain to find your dream date!!!

Let's start today with RedhairGenie Cabassoun. Red is one of SL's top models, an SFL cheerleader, and a professional makeover artist. What does she offer? Dancing and dinner on a luxurious yacht, followed by a tour in a hot-air balloon alone with one of the most beautiful girls in Second Life. What more could you ask for?

Second up is one of my favorite contestants: Pfritz Balogh. Pfritz supports BCA events every year and is a lovely person. A music fan who loves to dance, Pfritz will love to take you to a musical evening. On your way to the venue, you might stop at a top photographer's studio for a free shoot! Feeling more adventurous? PF would love to try auto racing, surfing, flying an airplane or a hot air balloon.

No3 today is Michela Benazzi. Michela is the CEO of Sinatra Style Magazine, a model and a fine amateur photographer. She has a bubbly personality and is always ready to help. She'll be happy consulting on modelling or photography, so if you're a wannabe model, here's your chance! She's also a sweet romantic lady so if you're just a gentleman who wants to spend a evening to remember, she'll know how: "A quiet dinner in an Italian villa, dancing under the stars and the intoxicating romantic tunes echo encasing us both, a walk on the beach or sitting in the sand letting your toes dig deep into the sand while gazing up at the moons light reflecting down on the water, or even snuggled up by the fire watching a movie."

Next: Lyric. Lyric is the Co Founder of Clique of Beauty & Founder of Magazine Writer's Guide Association, and enjoys Music, Reading, Horse back riding, Traveling & simply Enjoying life. She likes getting to know people and is would like to be surprised with a creative date with an interesting gentleman who'll make her laugh. Oh... Men Only by the way!

The next contestant, Joshewa, is also one of my favorites. Just look at his pic! You fell in love with Wall-E? You want be far off with Josh. This genius scripter and mentor, with a great sense of humor and a love for live music, would like to meet someone easy-going.

Finally, Taylor Malibu is a sweet and shy girl. I met her today, and she's a truly nice woman, she's pretty, refreshing, and she's easy to talk to. She's looking for a proper gentleman. Surprise her... or take her to a winter sim, you'll make her melt!


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