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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Save Boobies, Date Them (3)

Hi everyone!

6 more participants today, and 6 splendid girls for you guys! Remember to go and visit the BCA Date Auction at Costa Rica Sims. Great people to date, and a great cause to support!

First on the list today is Maribel Penucca. A top SL model with a heart! Maribel is a caring person who likes to help people and dicover new minds. She is looking for her prince charming to take her out on a surprise evening. It could be you!!!

Our n°2 participant is Rae Robbiani. I've met Rae not long ago, and I can say she is a charming lady and great to talk to. She has a bubbly personality and is always in for a laugh. She is a sim landscaper and creates avatars. Rae loves dancing, laughing, good music, exploring and photography. Top choice! Want a proof? I have placed a bid on her!

Une is our third participant. Want to know what your date with Une will look like? Read her own words: I would like something with a lot more thought...a splash of exclusivity, and something that reveals his creativity as well as shows his interest the "getting to know".
I'm a bit unorthodox at times, so I would also be open to a non-conventional type of date. Jumping out of a hired helicopter, and parachuting down to the middle of a desert and racing on sand hot tubbing semi nude in the middle of a snow storm. :-)
Let's just say ..I'm open!

Next up, Vikeejeah Xevion. Vikee is a model agency owner and a successful model herself. She's an old-fashioned romantic. Her perfect date? Taking the time to talk and get to know you in a lovely setting: a ballroom, a restaurant, a scenic sim, or a beautiful tropical beach... Keep it romantic and you'll meet a fantastic person!

N°5 : Aubrei Ember. Aubrei likes to try new things : anything from exploring a new sim to dancing at a club. Just make sure of one thing : make her laugh! She loves to laugh. In my country, there's a proverb about women who laugh...

Finally, Viola Rookswood. A very active SL Top Model, co-captain for the BoSL Browns Cheer Squad, with a great sense of humour!!! She'll offer her fashion model expertise to take you for a styling session. Did I mention she's absolutely stunning?


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